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    Century Versys Collection

    Today, martial artists and fight-fitness athletes have more choices than ever when it comes to getting the perfect bag for their desired workouts. Freestanding bags are a popular choice for individuals and for gyms. They require no hardware, can be easily moved for storage or space-clearing, and don’t damage walls or ceilings when installed.  
    Century introduced the world’s first freestanding training bag, the Wavemaster®, in 1995. This game-changing product revolutionized how people practiced martial arts. Since then, we’ve invented many other great freestanding bags, like the Wavemaster® 2XL Pro, BOB® the Body Opponent Bag, and, with the greatest variety of bags, the Versys™ collection.
    There are many different martial arts, and Versys™ bags were designed to address the needs of training in various styles. No matter what your art, you can find a bag suited to you. Here’s the basic rundown for what you get with each Versys™ fight simulator bag:
    Versys™ VS.1
    • With top handles for practicing knee strikes in the clinch, quick rebounds to enable continuous striking, and a full striking surface suited to low kicks, this is one of the most versatile bags. Great for everyone from white belts to MMA fighters to cardio kickboxing enthusiasts. It can also be used for ground-and-pound drills. 
    Used for: Muay Thai (clinch knees and elbows), boxing, MMA, karate, taekwondo, tang soo do, kung fu

    Hakan Manav - 2013 Martial Arts SuperShow
    Hakan Manav - 2013 Martial Arts SuperShow

    Versys™ V.Spar 1

    • A smaller version of the VS.1, great for kids of all ages training in martial arts.
    Used for: (see VS.1)
    Century V.SPAR.1 
    Versys™ VS.2
    • The VS. 2 fight simulator stands on tripod legs, and has hooked arms for practicing realistic grappling techniques. Practice takedowns, throws, leg sweeps and arm drags, without needing a partner.
    Used for: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, wrestling, MMA, self-defense
    Century VS.2 
    Versys™ V.Spar 2
    • A smaller version of the VS.2, great for kids of all ages training in martial arts.
    Used for: (see VS.2)
    Century V.SPAR.2 
    Versys™ VS.3
    • The VS.3 has top handles for practicing knee strikes, tripod legs and a groin pad for kicks, inside and outside leg kicks, and a cylindrical top to practice striking from all angles. Its size allows up to three people to practice on it while the bag is upright.
    Used for: Self-defense, Muay Thai (clinch knees and elbows), karate, taekwondo, tang soo do, kung fu
    Century VS.3
    Versys™ VS.BOB®
    • A cross between the VS.3 and BOB, this versatile bag is great for practicing self-defense moves like eye gouges as well as boxing, parrying, blocking, and both low and high kicks. Along with the VS.3, it is one of only two bags to have a unique groin pad for practicing precise full-speed groin strikes.
    Used for: Wing chun, karate, taekwondo, tang soo do, kung fu, self-defense
    VS.BOB Giulliano Gallupi at the 2013 Martial ARts SuperShow
    Giulliano Gallupi trains with the VS.BOB

    Visit Century Martial Arts’ channel on YouTube to see drills on the Versys™ bags, as well as other great martial arts tips and tricks!

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