Constructed from the highest quality materials designed to withstand intense physical training, our training gear is built to endure rigorous workouts. For a competitive advantage, choose from our huge selection of training bags, gloves and wraps, floor mats, and fitness gear.

Did you know that many of the products we sell, including our Wavemaster®, BOB®, and Versys™ line of freestanding bags are original Century products created by our R&D team? Any new piece of martial arts equipment we make is first tested out by our employee martial artists, at our on-site training studio in the company headquarters. Before any gear goes out for sale, it’s been kicked, punched, kneed, elbowed and probably stomped on to make sure it’s up to par. When you buy Century gear, you know you’re going to get the best training experience.

Our comprehensive selection of martial arts sparring equipment is designed for high-performance and high-velocity training and competition. With that said, we have training gear for skill levels of all types. Whether you’re a casual martial artist or a professional competitor, we have sparring training gear appropriate for your applications and skill level. Constructed from the highest quality materials designed to withstand harsh physical training, our training equipment is built to endure the most tenacious of workouts.

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